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Golden Nuggets: Sorry for the rush

Morning folks, posting this from a house other than mine so I'll have to make this quick. I've got a few links for you today, a decent amount, even. I don't have the time right now to do any in depth searching, but I'm sure here will be updates from someone. Maybe even me, that being said, here's your links for today.

Here's a look at the 49ers needs and options at outside linebacker. (

Smith versus Oher, who would you want to pick? Who would you want the 49ers to pick? (

Keep a close eye on the competition at left end this season apparently. Gotta love the "veteran team insiders." (

A Q&A with QB Damon Huard. (

Aaron Maybin visited... I really don't want us to take this guy. Really, really don't want us to. (