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Golden Nuggets: Starter or Bust

Augh, James here with your Nuggets. My internet is seriously making me angry, it cut last night after I typed out the Nuggets and everything. Either way, sorry for the missed day once again. New internet will be up soon and I don't see myself missing this post in the near future. In other news, or rather, in news, there's a fair bit of links today, nothing extreme, and most of it is speculation and what not, but what else can you expect this close to the draft? I'm really excited, I cant wait to see who we pick, and I really hope its not... a terrible pick. Either way, the draft day party should be good fun and I cant wait to go. That being said, here's what I've got for you today. Enjoy the links.

So who could be immediate starters at the tenth pick in the draft? (

A look at our defensive line. I think I posted this before, but man.. I'm really not happy with our line at all. The only solid player is Justin Smith. (

Yet another look at our options with the tenth pick; I've softened a bit on Raji, but I definitely don't want any part of Aaron Maybin. (

More looks at that pick, specifically B.J. Raji. (

Make sure you're on for the official announcement of the NFL schedule on Tuesday. (

Barrows hosts a Q&A. You know I love 'em. (

Mike Singletary wont shy away from risky personalities. (