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2009 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: 49ers select Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers

Late this past week we came up to the 49ers second round pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft.  We took Michael Oher with our first round pick as a lot of other options went in the first nine picks.  I think a trade remains a possibility if Mark Sanchez is there at 10, but we kept this mock trade free.

So, we reached the second pick and you guys provided some great suggestions.  Josh Freeman was a very legit possibility there.  I'm intrigued by him and think he could be brought along slowly to become the eventual long term QB here.  At the same time, there are some interesting QB talents further down that we could look at.  So I decided we'll wait on QB in this mock.

Although there was no general consensus, a lot of folks seem intrigued by Kenny Britt (definitely enough for me to put together a scouting report tomorrow or the next day).  So, after poking through the options there, I decided on Kenny Britt.  Briandean was kind enough to put together the write-up for me:

Kenny Britt is one of the few wide outs in 2009 that projects as a potential #1 in the NFL. For that reason, Britt is considered a first rounder by most analysts. Even those who were late to the Britt party are starting to come around. The first thing you notice about Britt is his size at 6-foot-3, 218 pounds. He plays up to that size with a physical style of play and doesn't shy away from contact as a blocker, fighting for the ball in the air, going over the middle or looking for yards after the catch. He's still lean and could add even more strength without losing any speed. For a big man, he gets to top speed very quickly, which makes his 4.50 speed play a little faster. Britt runs good routes and does a great job getting open on intermediate routes and finds seams in the zone. Another thing he does well for a big man is go down and catch a low pass off the grass.

While Britt is good after the catch, he isn't great and not elusive laterally with those long strides. His biggest knock is the occasional dropped pass, due to concentration or letting the ball get into his body. He doesn't have huge hands either. Britt is generally described as confident and a good teammate, but some people say he's bordering on cocky and may become a diva.

There are certainly some question marks, but the upside to Britt is unquestioned.  MTD felt that Freeman was the choice in the second round.  I certainly think he would be strongly considered, but I decided to go for the potential impact receiver to add further depth to the wide receiver corps.

Feel free to agree or rip me a new one.  Also, later this afternoon in a few hours Florida Danny will have the next segment of his draft history posted.