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Golden Nuggets: Give Clayton a chance!

Morning folks, James here with your Nuggets. Though this offseason is killing me, I think they should be called "Gold Dust" or something clever like that since there's only a few links to be dealt today. Either way, they're worth a read, so read 'em, discuss, post your own links, all that good stuff. As per the headline, all I'm really thinking about right now is Thomas Clayton, and how badly I want to see him play next eason. That is all.Once again I'm in a hurry, so, on to the links!

Gore is ready to bounce back this coming season. (

A look at the 49ers and how they pick their Linebackers. (

The Bills are apparently interested in HB DeShaun Foster. They can have him. GIVE CLAYTON A CHANCE! (

Stafford is still apparently visiting with the 49ers. If we draft him I may just not watch football next season. (