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49ers and Matthew Stafford make nice

This was posted through Maiocco in the Golden Nuggets. GIl Brandt initially reported that Matthew Stafford would be visiting the 49ers today.  Certainly a change after the drama of the psychologist issue.  But does anybody really think Stafford would even drop to the 49ers?  I keep hearing more stories stating the Lions will be grabbing Stafford #1.

It should be no surprise that the 49ers are kicking the tires on all the top QB prospects.  It'd be more of a surprise if they just ignored them.  Throw in a visit from Nate Davis last week, and there are plenty of QB options out there.  We've got trade discussions going on in briandean's post this morning and if Stafford somehow dropped that far, why not make a trade?

Although we're not a Lions blog, I'm curious what people think about that #1 pick.  What do the Lions do?  It's an issue of some importance to 49ers fans because if they pass on a QB, it could cause a slide in that position.  Maybe not a ton, but possible enough to impact the #10 pick.