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Golden Nuggets: No Stafford, please.

Morning everyone, James here, if only for a brief moment. My new internet goes up tomorrow, and this current internet goes down (likely) in the next... oh, ten minutes or so. So, for one last time (hopefully) I'll be relying on Fooch to update the links in the comments for me. So of course, make sure you check out the comments and I'll give you the few links I can scrounge together before I run out of time and lose connection for a few hours. That being said, not that he's going to fall to us or anything, I'd just like to state that if we draft QB Matt Stafford I just might stop watching football for a year or so. Really, this guy does not impress me at all, I'm not seeing anything that's showing me he's going to be a good quarterback in the NFL. Here's some links.

Stafford visited the 49ers yesterday. Lets just say I'm hoping it went horribly. (

Here's more on that Stafford business. (

49ers are having their local pro day on Friday. (

You can sign up to predict the draft at the official website to win a jersey or something along those lines. (

Yesss, an article about Thomas Clayton. Awesome. (

49ers give NFL network access to draft day war room. (