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2009 49ers/NFL Schedule Release Open Thread

EDITOR'S NOTE 4:00PM: I got home sooner than expected, so slight change of plans.  I should have the 49ers schedule up a lot sooner than I expected, so, feel free to use this thread for discussions, but if you wait a few minutes (once the schedule's out, I'll have a separate post with the full schedule.

Today's a big day in the offseason.  The NFL will be releasing their full game schedule beginning at 4pm.  For those that get the NFL Network, there will be a two-hour episode of NFL Total Access.  I'm scheduling this thread because I may not get home until 4:15 or so, after the schedule has been released.  We know the opponents, we just don't know the dates.  I made predictions after the opponents were released but I'd imagine those predictions will be affected by when the 49ers are playing the particular opponents.

As soon as I get home and the schedule is available, I'll be posting a separate post with the entire schedule.  That should make life easier down the road if you're ever searching the site for the schedule.

Outside of Niners Nation, will have the complete team-by-team and weekly schedules of all 256 regular-season games, listing opponents, sites and times. will feature interactive components by giving fans a voice through chats, fan forums and poll questions.  Other features on the website will include analysis by reporters and breakdowns of the division schedules. will include which games will be on CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC and NFL Network.  There will also be printer-friendly versions of the team-by-team and week-by-week schedules.

For those that don't get the NFL Network, ESPN2 will be covering the schedule release.

In the meantime, we've got some quality discussions going on about the shot down Brady Quinn rumors and a look back at the Terry Donahue draft history.  We'll have the McNolan draft history posted later this evening.