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Golden Nuggets: So ready for the draft!

Aaaand, I'm back! Morning everyone, James here, cruising on better internet and finally at my own home. So hopefully, no more rushed or completely missing articles. So the schedule was released, and to be honest it was more of a "oh hey, cool, now give me the draft." Like, they make way too big of a deal over the schedule coming out in my opinion. So what else is going on? Well not a ton, just me, here, swearing to the God's and heavens above that if we draft Matt Stafford (or Mark Sanchez) with the tenth pick I'll (number one, be surprised that he's there at ten and also) flip out. Well, not really flip out, but I just think we need much more help on the defensive side of the ball, or the o-line. Here's the links I've got for you today..

Yes, the schedule was released yesterday. (

Maiocco shares his thoughts on some of the matchups. (

Aaand more from another source. (

Here's a bit more on, you guessed it, the schedule. (

And one more source, you can NEVER leave out Barrows. (

A great article looking at taking a quarterback with the tenth pick. (

A look at what we could be getting ourselves into drafting a quarterback with the tenth pick. (

This early game nonsense is well... nonsense. Not really liking this max stuff. (

So the 49ers aren't after QB Brady Quinn afterall, which does kind of make me sad because I really like the guy. I mean, not for the tenth pick, but if we could work something else out, sure. (

Stafford is apparently telling folks that he's got a done deal with the Detroit Lions. I'm fine with that. (

I agree in that its because of Singletary we have two primetime games. (

A look at some of the teams set to get new uniforms this upcoming season, including the 49ers. Please God let that logo Samuel Lam dug up be some terrible, terrible joke. (