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San Francisco 49ers 2009 Schedule: A few odds and ends

The release of the 49ers 2009 schedule yesterday has brought out a waive of predictions.  I wanted to take a different angle on the schedule today.  I'm in a bit of a rush, but wanted to get this up so people could throw out their thoughts.  I thought I'd take a look at what might be the toughest game, the easiest game, the stretch that could most likely lead to a losing streak and the stretch that could most likely lead to a winning streak.  Feel free to counter with your own suggestions.

Easiest game:  vs. Detroit Lions - Until proven otherwise, a home game against a team that went 0-16 last year has to qualify right?  They should certainly improve on last year's debacle, but how much could they really improve?  Even if the 49ers didn't improve at all, I'd imagine this remains as close to a guaranteed win as they've got.

Toughest game: @ Indianapolis Colts - The Colts had some big struggles last season and still finished 12-4.  A fully healthy Peyton Manning and some fresh talent potentially there means a dangerous Colts squad.  Some other choices for toughest included the at the Eagles, at the Packers in late November and even at Houston.  However, all three of those teams have reasons to not be quite as afraid of them as I am of Indy.  One other quick point that Bigelow pointed out to me.  In early November the 49ers play the Titans at home on Sunday, and follow up with a Thursday home game against Chicago.  This would be a lot worse if it wasn't at home.

Most likely winning streak: A streak is 3 wins in a row in my opinion.  There is no real easy stretch in the schedule.  I'd go with sometime before the bye.  I think a win in Minnesota is do-able, which could be bookended by wins at home against Seattle and home against the Rams.  I thought about the last three weeks, but I'm not so sure about that Philly road game.  It will really depend on where the Eagles are at at that point.

Most likely losing streak: Definitely have to go with @ Houston, @ Indy and vs Tennessee.  I think the Houston game is winnable, but definitely a tough one on the road.  The Indy and Tennessee games are going to be tough no matter what.

Alright, some categories are up, but aside from making your predictions within these four options, I encourage you to post your own categories.  They can be serious categories or randomly amusing categories.