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Golden Nuggets: Trading out of the tenth spot?

Morning, morning! James here with your Nuggets! Yesterday I had a good amount of articles for you to read, though today is looking like its going to be exactly the opposite of that. I'm going to spend some extra time looking though, because I honestly feel... bad when I leave you with only one or two links, I mean, I'm not sure how many people read the Nuggets every day, but I sure do try! Of note today is an article about Mayock, suggesting that just about every team wants to trade out of the top ten. That's surprising, I mean, looking at the talent I feel like its an overstatement, but at the same time, there's really only one player or so who I feel would be worth a top ten contract in this years draft. Interesting, to say the least. 

Mayock: Every team in the top ten is looking to trade out of it. (

Isaac Bruce is up for a community award. (

Here's an updated list of free agents as it stands now. (

Ask A Player: Shaun Hill. I love this guy. (

The 49ers and Raiders both are up against the best of their divisions opening day. (

So do you think Alex Smith was overrated as the number one draft pick? Or did he fail (up to this point) because of the scenario? (

A look at the effects (if any) of having many early morning games for the west coast teams. (

Anyone care to harass Mayock about the upcoming draft? Get your questions in quickly. (

So three out of four of these guys have us taking Mark Sanchez. They'd best be wrong. Wouldn't mind the fourth guy being wrong as well. (

More thoughts on trading out of the tenth pick. (

So who was better, Young or Montana? I haven't read this article, mostly because it has statistics that aren't Danny's! So I wont read it. That being said, you might find it interesting. Though I daresay anyone who picks Young is.. well, special. (