Shaun Hill to grow a mullet and stache Fan Poll

FOOCH'S NOTE 4/20 3:49PM: I wanted to move this up for one more run at some votes.  If you haven't voted yet, please do.

FOOCH'S NOTE 7:47PM: If enough people vote in this I definitely think it's worth passing along to the 49ers.

"Oh, I think we should leave that up to a fan poll! I think people would probably be open to it. I’m considering a mullet – but it takes a lot longer than a ‘stache – even for me." - Shaun Hill

Like the man said, we have the power to make this happen. I think its got legs, what do you think?

"I don't want to sound gay, but you've got a sweet ass"

I want this guy under centre...I don't know how Eric feels about it though.

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