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49ers extend Parys Haralson and Joe Nedney

Big news just came down.  The 49ers have signed OLB Parys Haralson and K Joe Nedney to contract extensions.  Haralson signed a 4-year extension through 2013 and Nedney signed a 2-year extension through 2011.  No word on dollar figures yet.  Maiocco is reporting that the Haralson deal is a reported $15 million deal that includes $6.5M in guaranteed money

I have to say that I'm quite excited about extending Haralson.  He really started to break through last season and with some more consistent playing time, I don't see why he can't break through to double digit sacks.  And Joe Nedney?  Well, he's been money for the 49ers so I'm pleased the kicker position will be solid for the next few years.

Now that Haralson is locked up, will this affect the 49ers draft strategy?  Do you go with an outside linebacker in the first round now that you've locked up your two starters?  Maybe, maybe not, but it's definitely something to consider.