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Golden Nuggets: Make the Mullet Happen!

Morning everyone, James here, feeling a bit pumped after some praise in yesterday's comments! Yeah, I'm THAT grateful that at least one person reads this every day or so. Moving on, I haven't got a ton for you today, but I'm going to search quite a bit! We've got the bit about Shaun Hill and a possible mullet and I must say.. its possibly the best piece of news that I've ever received well.. ever. I mean, honestly, if you don't vote in that poll you've probably got no soul. Aside from that, a few players got a contract extension, etc etc. General stuff. So I'll quit yammering on about stuff and just give you your links and all that. Enjoy.

Here's the aforementioned mullet poll. The butchered quote makes me sad, however. (

The 49ers should have a pretty good idea where they stand in the NFC West within the first four games of the season. (

Parys Harlason and Joe Nedney were both signed to contract extensions. (

Here's more on Haralson from Maiocco. (

And here's a conference call with Parys Haralson. (

Singletary comments on John Madden's retirement. I cant say I'll miss Madden TOO much... but knowing that Colinsworth is taking over duties (I think) it makes me weep, considering I cant stand the guy. (

So do you think the 49ers still need to address a pass rusher in the draft? How about with the tenth pick? (

Speaking of that tenth pick, here's my take from yesterday. (I'll be linkinghere occasionally, though I promise not to shamelessly plug unless its a worthwhile article.) (

Here's a look at QB Josh Freeman, I'm not sold on this guy at all, though I am more fond of him han say, Stafford or Sanchez. (

Kiper says Mark Sanchez could've been the number one quarterback in 2010 if he'd stayed another season. (