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Golden Nuggets: Work Ethic Over Talent?

Good morning everybody, James here with your Nuggets for today. After two or three really good days with a lot of links, I seem to have hit a wall today. I've got a fair bit for you, but not nearly as many as last time, from what I can tell, though I'llspend a bit extra time looking. Mostly we've got some late-to-the party articles talking about the Haralson and Nedney contract extensions and we've got a bit about the offseason program. A pretty average day as far as news goes. I'm actually going to be trying to update more and more from now on for the Nuggets, I'll see what I can do today. Either way, here's some links for ya.

The 49ers offseason program seems to be harder this time around. (

A look at some of the alternative linebackers we could take in the draft, not the projected studs, if you will. (

Here's more on the offseason workout program. (

Yesterday's edition of McCloughan's Mailbag. (

Here's quite a bit on John Madden, his career, and his retirement. (

Could any of these big-name wide receivers finding new homes affect the 49ers at all? (

Here's to hoping the Seahawks draft Sanchez and take him off the board so our FO isn't tempted. (