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Golden Nuggets: The Draft is So Close I Can Taste It..

Good morning, folks! James here with what I'm hoping is going to be something resembling your Nuggets for today! I say hopefully and resemblng because my prelimiary check found nothing in the way of articles. It almost makes me want to make stuff up, honestly. In fact, I might just do that--or I might not. Either way, I'm pretty pumped because the draft is ever so close and I'm going to the draft day party, at which I really don't know what to expect, and I'm also psyched that I'm likely going to be getting tickets to one of the home games soon. I'm just unsure of which game to go to, any thoughts? All that aside, I'm off to find some news and links for you. Wish me luck. (Enjoy)

Here's some good draft talk for you, focusing mainly on OT Michael Oher. (

These are perfect for news starvation--a Q&A hosted by Matt Barrows. (

What should the 49ers first round focus be? (

Risk vs Reward in the upcoming draft. (

Barrows has some thoughts on our biggest need as well. (

The 49ers are after very physical players. Who isn't? (

Here's another one of my takes on the draft and why an OT is most important. (I have a lot of takes..) (

This is not really anything Niners related, but here's a bit of news (good news? bad news?) Madden wont be rejoining the Raiders. (

The Rams think they have a chance at beating us next season! HAH! ...But seriously, I don't want us to have to resort to two fourth quarter TDs again, I'd much rather just score four or five times in the first quarter. What.. it could happen. (