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Golden Nuggets: Bruuuuuuuuuce!

Morning all, James here. Yesterday we had a good edition of the Nuggets, a decent amount of links. This is always good, makes me feel like I did my job right. But today, man... That's the bad thing about having a lot of news, when you go back to three or four articles it makes me go "augh." Either way, I can only provide what I find, right? Chances are tonight (being as incredibly tired as I am) I'll miss some, so if I do that be sure to let me know and post your own links! All of that being said and summed up, I've only got a few links but either way, read them and enjoy.

Isaac Bruce is returning. I'm glad we have a proven receiver, but I don't want him to slow the other receivers' development. (

Here's Samuel Lam saying something or other about jerseys. As a rule, I don't read this stuff. (

Is Cutler right for the 49ers? Well, that's hard to place. I'm not sure myself. (

QB Mark Sanchez is scheduled to visit the 49ers next week. Good... I guess? Ugh. (