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Golden Nuggets: OT With 10th Pick, Calling It!

Good morning all, James here and man am I tired. Its hot, very hot, and I happen to hate the heat at least 100 % more than you do. Don't argue, its proven, unbiased fact, just google it, I dare you. Well, don't do that, because no results will come up. That being said, with a preliminary look we've got less links than yesterday, only seeing one or two but I'll post what I can. The first article is of most interest to me, dealing with the fact that whatever player we pick at ten, whatever unproven guy with no NFL credentials we select... he's going to make more than say, Parys Haralson, the guy who just led he 49ers in sacks last season. Here's to hoping its a good pick, then. Here's your links, enjoy.

An interesting way to look at it, an unproven player will get paid more than a guy we just rewarded, Parys Haralson come draft time. (

A look at some of the 49ers needs in the draft. (

Once again, a look at our needs at pass rusher. I still feel like a tackle is more important with the tenth pick. (

So Torry Holt to SF is a no-go. (

So how close are the 49ers exactly to figuring out exactly who they want? Its only speculation at this point. (

That's all for now but I'll check back soon with a hopeful update.