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Golden Nuggets: Sleeping Until Saturday, Wake Me Up At Pick 10

Morning, morning. James here... The draft is so close! I cant wait, honestly, I might just go to sleep right now and wake up on Saturday, anybody wanna handle the Nuggets until then?! No..? Didn't think so. Aaanyway, as far as "news" goes you'd be hard pressed to find some, from here until draft day I'm going to guess we'll find nothing but speculation. Lots and lots of speculation. Either way there ARE some quality articles for you to browse through, comment on and all that good stuff. If I missed anything, I implore you to post up any links you found that I missed in the comments section. That being said, here's some news (opinions) for you to read (disagree with.) Enoy, folks!

I'll start off with what is clearly the most important bit of news--Shaun Hill and his mullet, not to mention Niners Nation being talked about/linked to, and my quote being well, quoted. (

So what do you guys think about Raji? (

A Q&A with Maiocco, Maclin is an interesting prospects.. but the 49ers don't take him. (

More draft analysis, etc. (

Baldinger abolishes the thought of a RT or a QB, says the 49ers need an offensive or defensive playmaker. (

So what WOULD you do if you were managing the 49ers draft? (

A look at the 49ers local pro day. (

Here's a Q&A with B.J. Raji.. I'm just not sold on his guy. (