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Shutdown corner, SB Nation and the greatest mock draft ever

Several weeks ago, you might recall, we had the official SB Nation writers mock draft.  I opened it up for discussion and that led to the selection of Michael Oher.  Honestly, it wasn't the most inspiring pick, but given how the draft had gone, I was willing to settle for it (particularly with no trading).

Part of SB Nation's deal with Yahoo involves some cross-promotional options specifically applicable to the NFL blogs.  SB Nation has a blog called Shutdown Corner that takes a variety of looks at the NFL.  Both sides came up with a unique idea involving our mock draft.  They had each first round blog call in their pick and a quick couple sentence explanation (humorous or serious welcome).  The site recorded each one and strung them together to create a virtual live draft.  They would replay each pick and explanation and then offer their own Mayock/McShay/Kiper analysis.

What results is, as they call it, the Greatest Mock Draft Ever.  I see no problem with the hyperbole there!  It's a 90 minute mock draft for your entertainment.  If you've got some time, feel free to check out the podcast.  When you go to the link, scroll down to listen to it, or just below that you can download it.