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2009 NFL Draft: Official Scouts Inc. 7-round mock draft

While we do have an official mock drafting FanPost, I thought the official 7-round mock draft presented by Scouts Inc and Todd McShay was worth posting to the front page.  Well, the 7 rounds for the 49ers at least.  If you have any questions about who went where, post it in the comments and I (or anybody else with Insider access) will be happy to post an answer.  I figure that doesn't cross ethical boundaries....maybe.

1. Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss - While I do like Oher, this remains less than inspiring given where Oher is listed among best players available.  If it comes down to Oher and Sanchez I remain convinced the 49ers will trade down.  Of course McShay and Co. actually have Sanchez going 4th overall.  I'm really quite intrigued to see what happens with Sanchez on Saturday.

2. Louis Delmas, FS, Western Michigan - A quick search brought up a Mocking the Draft scouting report on Delmas (and the fact that the Cowboys took him with their 2nd round pick in our mock draft).  The general idea with Delmas is that he is great in coverage, but a bit soft in tackling and might be a bit undersized.  As a 4-year starter and 3-time all MAC player he would likely be able to provide some solid competition for Dashon Goldson.

3. Sebastian Vollmer, OT, Houston - Vollmer ranks right behind Phil Loadholt and Jamon Meredith among offensive tackles.  At 6'7, 314lbs he definitely brings some serious size to the tackle position.  It sounds like his primary weaknesses are bull rushers getting in under him and generally plays too high.  Of course, when you're 6'7, I'd imagine it's difficult to play low.  Is it possible for a guy to be toooo tall at offensive tackle?

4. Kenny McKinley, WR, South Carolina - The folks at Mile High Report have an interesting scouting report on the 6'0, 189lb corner from USC.  Size-wise he seems like Dominique Zeigler.  However, his hands don't seem quite as sure as Zeigler's can be.  If he has to add some bulk in the NFL it could hurt his speed.  At the same time, he seems to play well against zone defenses.  Who knows how smart a player he is but he seems to recognize the limitations of his size.

5a. James Davis, RB, Clemson - While it's hard to tell at this point, some folks would have you believe Davis is worth upwards of a third round pick.  From what the Scout's Inc report indicates, Davis is not the fastest guy in the world but has a strong ability to read the defense and exploit holes.  All things considered, I wonder how much more the 49ers would be getting from him than what we already get in Frank Gore.  The 49ers do need another running back, but would it be better to go with a more complementary back?

5b. Ryan Mouton, CB, Hawaii - At 5'9, 187 lbs, Mouton definitely doesn't bring much size to the secondary.  At the same time he seems to have a lot of athleticism and really likes to hit folks.  While he might turn into a solid NFL corner, I see him as more of a special teams guy.  Anybody who is small and likes to hit people seems to work well as a special teams option.

After the jump we go through the 49ers last three picks and give some wrap-up analysis.

6. Anthony Parker, G, Tennessee - At 6'1 297lbs, one of the main concerns with Parker is his somewhat below average size for an NFL guard.  Apparently his speed is fine but if he has to put on weight, will the speed come down?  He seems to have the skills needed to be successful, but I keep coming back to size.  The NFL is getting bigger and bigger.  Any thoughts on relatively undersized offensive linemen?

7a. Tom Brandstater, QB, Fresno State - I put together a scouting report back in early March about the local boy.  He's got size and surprising speed for such a guy.  The problem is accuracy.  If they snagged him in the 7th round I would be quite pleased at the value.  I'm not sure if he's a long-term solution, but I'm intrigued to see what could happen with him in camp.

7b. Derek Walker, DE, Illinois - Walker is a bit undersized for a defensive end, but he seems like a guy who could fit the 3-4 DE role of occupying blockers.  It sounds like he brings solid strength to the position which seems like one more positive for the 3-4 DE role.

So there you have it.  Three different OL, FS, CB, DE, QB, RB and WR.  I find value in a lot of the picks, but I'm not sure I see three offensive linemen being drafted.  Maybe two, but three seems a bit much.  Walker is the only DL/LB taken and it sounds like he can't make the conversion to OLB.  I definitely think an OLB gets drafted somewhere in there.

I'm sure folks have plenty of areas of disagreement with this mock.  Thoughts?