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Golden Nuggets: Come onnnn draft!

Morning folks, James here... I know, I said I'd be sleeping until the draft, but I couldn't pull it off. Something about work and some sort of obligation to this site. You know, lame stuff like that. But I'm counting down, every second and the draft comes near, I'm not certain why I'm more excited with this draft than others seeing as how the talent pool seems considerably worse than past years. Either way, I'm excited. Not sure how many articles I have for you today, but we'll see, right? Post your own links if you got 'em, I'm pretty tired right now and I'm sure I'm prone to missing a few here and there. That being said... I'm sticking with my gut, Oher is gone to the 49ers with the tenth pick. At least, I think...

Mariucci talks Niners, he mentions Sanchez which makes me lose a ton of respect for him right off the bat, but recovers nicely. (

What will the 49ers do about a running back? Thomas Clayton, anyone? (

Lynch has an...interesting pick for the Niners at 10. (

A look at what we could do in the later rounds and..leaked uniforms? I'd rather not look, I want to judge on Saturday at the draft day party. (

New 49ers helmets. I'm so...out of the loop as far as logos/uniforms/helmets go. Not out of the loop so much as I cant really tell the difference between this, mostly because I don't remember what the old ones look like. Oh well. (

Q&A with WR Darrius Heyward-Bey. (

Q&A with RB Chris Wells. (

Barrows prepares to post his mock draft, posts some draft odds. (

More mocking of the draft! (