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2009 NFL Draft: Final First Round Prediction

I realize it's only Thursday, but with some big stuff planned for tomorrow (1983 Year-by-Year post, big Florida Danny post), I figure now is as good a time as any for this post.  I want to get everybody's final big prediction for what the 49ers do in the first round.  I can't imagine much will happen in the next two days, so why not?

I actually am going to factor in the predictions I made at the NFL Pick 'Em Contest.  Speaking of which, remember to join (League Name: Niners Nation; Password: 49ers).  We've got 14 people involved so far.

I may change some of my later picks, but going through the first ten spots, I came up with some interesting results.  I'm sure I'll end up completely wrong, but why not throw it out there.  I had the 49ers selecting B.J. Raji, NT, Boston College.  I was a bit surprised, but looking through things, I don't think it was a completely crazy mock of the first 10.  Accordingly, I'm willing to go with that pick as my official prediction.  A little crazy, but a pick I would be perfectly fine with.

My top 10 was as follows:

1. Lions - Matthew Stafford, QB
2. Rams - Jason Smith, OT
3. Chiefs - Eugene Monroe, OT
4. Seahawks - Aaron Curry, LB
5. Browns - Michael Crabtree, WR
6. Bengals - Andre Smith, OT
7. Raiders - Jeremy Maclin, WR
8. Jaguars - Mark Sanchez, QB
9. Packers - Brian Orakpo, OLB/DE
10. 49ers - B.J. Raji, DT

I don't know if the Seahawks will take Curry, but he's rated high enough that maybe they go with him.  I figure in this case it would be Curry or Crabtree.  Jeremy Maclin is probably also a bit of a surprise, but the Raiders have no problem shocking folks.  Maclin brings enough speed that I could see him enamoring Al Davis enough to pick him.  No guarantees, but would that really shock people all that much?

The Sanchez pick is actually predicated on the Broncos (or somebody else) dealing up to get him.  That's followed by an Orakpo pick that might be a bit much.  If anything in this mock won't work, I see it being that Orakpo pick (even more than the Maclin or Sanchez picks).

So, is my prediction way off base?  Somewhat realistic or am I off my rocker?

Aside from criticizing my own prediction, use this thread to make your prediction for what the 49ers will do in the first round.  If you think they'll trade down, you're more than welcome to make that prediction as well.  If something happens in the next day or two to make you change your mind, reply to your own comment with an update.