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Golden Nuggets: Ohhh Saturrrdaaaay!

Auuugh, good morning everyone. James here and I'm dead tired. The draft still isn't here and I'm wondering why I'm awake without it being Saturday. But it is getting closer, ever closer, and I cant wait. I've got some articles for you, again not a lot, but a few. I'm wondering if when the regular season starts and I have a ton of articles to post if I'll feel overwhelmed or not after so many days of scrambling to put together a decent looking list. Anyway, I'm pretty set on what I want to happen in this draft, I'm agreeing almost to a fault with just about everything Maiocco is saying. So naturally, I'll likely link him first. I can be biased, leave me alone. Anyway, here's some links...

A look at what McCloughan had to say when drilled. (

Maiocco has some thoughts on what he had to say. (

A 49ers executive left the organization, to get another job. (

Most teams don't want a pick in the top ten this year, likely including the 49ers at 10. (

Shocking news! The 49ers are looking to avoid busts. (

More on McCloughan's media session. (

Q&A with C Max Unger. (

So what do you think about Percy Harvin? Issues aside, if we picked this guy up after the first round I'd be a very happy blogger! (

More about uniforms or something like that. (