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Golden Nuggets: Just A Day!

Good morning everybody, James here. Once again, I'm sad to say I'm in a hury--I'll do my best to get what links I can though. But boy, what to talk about right now? We're just a day away from the draft, and I'd be biting my nails if I didn't have a toothache right now. Either way, I really cant wait to see who we end up taking, mostly in the first three rounds where I believe we'll go offensive tackle, outside linkebacker and then running back, in that order. That being said, here's what I can find right now, and here's to hoping Fooch updates in the comments if I missed anything and he is able to do so. Enjoy the links.

You shouldn't draft for need early on, though I think this is common knowledge these days. (

A mock draft with a ridiculous pick. Awesome. (

Keep in mind the 49ers haven't completely ruled out the option of drafting a quarterback. (

More last minute draft analysis. (

This is it, McCloughan. Impress me. (

Some last minutes analysis from Barrows. (

On the Clock: CB Malcolm Jenkins. (

On the Clock: OT Michael Oher. (

Aaand, yesterday's edition of McCloughan's Mailbag. (