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2009 NFL Draft: It's draft day baby!


The NFL continues what I imagine will eventually lead to a prime time only first round of the draft. The first round doesn't kick off until 1pm pacific/4pm eastern so we've got some time to kill. For now, I wanted to discuss the plan for today and how we'll keep things humming along for you guys. This post will eventually be deleted for the open threads we'll have.

First off, thanks to our man wjackalope for coming up with one of my new favorite graphics. You should be able to identify at least five of the six heads.

Second, don't forget to join our draft pick em contest. The league name is Niners Nation; the password is 49ers. Make your picks and then join the league.

Here's the plan for today (with suggestions always welcome). We'll be keeping track of every pick, 49ers or otherwise, at our current draft tracker.

The 49ers will be unveiling their new uniforms at 12:20. It will be streaming live at and I'll have a more specific link soon. More importantly, I plan on posting a separate post around noon for when the unis are revealed. That way we can keep the discussion all together. Also, I'll have pictures at some point (hopefully today) to post in the thread.

After the unveiling I'll be posting an open thread for the first round. That will be our primary thread for draft discussion until the 49ers make their pick. As soon as the 49ers make their pick (ETA 2:30PT/5:30ET), I'll post my own quick reaction. That thread will be for discussion of the pick and continued discussion of the draft after that, leading to the 49ers second round pick. If you just want to post comments on the pick, or even who the 49ers should have taken instead, the best bet right now would to keep it in that post instead of creating a new FanPost.

If any big trades happen that don't directly affect the 49ers or the NFC West (say, for example, the Browns trade Braylon Edwards to the Giants), we'll be posting them as FanShots and possibly moving those FanShots to the front page. That way we won't be pushing things too far off the front page with new stories.

We'll have a second major 49ers post with the second round pick, whenever that goes down. Aside from that, I'll have a wrap-up post later in the day with a look ahead to the second day and the 49ers needs.

If there is too much redundancy in FanPosts there is a chance I (or one of the other site moderators) will delete the FanPost to keep things relatively organized. If that happens we will definitely contact you so you know why it came down. I mention this now so people have an idea of things early in the day.

If you have any questions about our Draft Day coverage, or want to suggest something else for our coverage, feel free to leave a comment here, or email me at As far as I'm concerned, today and tomorrow are the biggest days of the offseason. This is where the 49ers build for the present and the future. It should make for some interesting times here at Niners Nation.