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Golden Nuggets: Its Here!

Morning all, James here, and if you don't know what "it" is then you're sorely out of the loop! Its draft day, and I'm all set to head to Santa Clara and check out the draft day party, though I don't know what to expect. I cant wait to see who we pick--that being said, I hope there's a fair bit of links for me to find today, if not, well I don't anticipate these Nuggets will be the first thing you'll be seeing today anyway, I fully expect news to push this down, down, down. Doesn't matter, I've still got a job to do and I intend to do it! I am pushing all thought of who I think we're going to take out of my head--its useless to wonder at this point, I'm just going to go and be surprised! Here's some links for ya.

Maiocco and his last minute draft thoughts for the 49ers by position. (

Lynch from the Chronicle has some insights about the defense. (

Aaand more from the Chronicle about, you guessed it, the draft. (

The Rams bought Mark Sanchez a plane ticket..? (

Five players are on the 49ers "main" radar it seems. (

Brunner's Blog: Draft Weekend. (

Barrows shares his Niner's picks. (

Points of The Draft. (

Q&A with CB Vontae Davis. (

The Lions signed Stafford. Poor kid. (