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2009 NFL Draft: Day 1, Thread 1


And away we go.  We've gotten the new jerseys (feel free to continue the discussion in that thread) and now it's time to get some players to fill those jerseys.  The draft kicks off at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern and if you don't have access to a tv, will have a live stream of the draft.

We've been discussing this day from pretty much the moment the 2008 season ended.  There was some reasons for disappointment and some reasons for excitement.  Either way, the Draft is a day when every team has a chance to get that next big impact player that will change the face of the franchise.

The 49ers have done some very good things in the draft and some VERY BAD THINGS.  Although I think there is a certain number of players considered above the rest, it's still been a fairly unpredictable mock season.  The 49ers could be looking at anyone from Michael Oher and Brian Orakpo to Mark Sanchez and Aaron Maybin.  Maybe Michael Crabtree, B.J. Raji or Andre Smith fall to them at 10, or maybe they just deal that pick.  In the end, it's pretty hard to figure anything out.  However, I think those cover all the likely options.

We've got several scouting reports for you to check out if you're looking for info on a certain player.  Additionally, heading on over to Mocking the Draft for some truly extensive NFL Draft coverage.  They've done a large number of quick hitting scouting reports on an assortment of players.  More importantly, SB Nation got a pair of press passes for The Sports Guru and JasonB so we'll hopefully we'll get some 49ers-specific insight from them.

Depending on how quickly this thread fills up, we'll be back with a new thread when the 49ers make their selection.  In the meantime, after the jump we've got a compilation of first round mocks from the various writers/moderators here at Niners Nation, as well as one for Dumb Luck and Bonzo the Idiot Monkey's picks.

Finally, if you feel you might get depressed rather quickly during the draft, feel free to take part in the Mel Kiper drinking game (courtesy of MinerNiner).  It's a sure-fire way to drown your sorrows.

FOOCH'S NOTE 1:25PM: If you're swinging by the site for the first time, feel free to register and join in the discussion.  It's free and it's easy.  It's gonna be a crazy day for everyone today.

Team Fooch Danny HTS Bigelow wjack bdean ninjames Josh Dumb Luck Bonzo
DET Stafford Stafford Stafford Stafford Stafford Stafford
Stafford A Smith Stafford
STL J Smith Monroe Monroe Curry J Smith J Smith J Smith Stafford Orakpo
KC Monroe Curry J Smith Orakpo Curry Curry A Smith Britton Raji
SEA Curry Sanchez Curry J Smith Monroe Monroe Sanchez Pettigrew Sanchez
CLE Crabtree Orakpo Orakpo Raji Raji Jackson Raji Jenkins Jenkins
CIN A Smith J Smith Oher Monroe A Smith Raji Curry Sanchez Monroe
OAK Maclin Maclin Crabtree Maclin Maclin A Smith Crabtree Oher Maclin
JAX Sanchez Raji Maclin Sanchez Crabtree Sanchez Monroe E Brown Crabtree
GB Orakpo Jackson Raji A Smith Orakpo Orakpo Oher Matthews Curry
SF Raji Crabtree Sanchez Crabtree Oher Crabtree Orakpo Maualuga A Smith
BUF Maybin A Smith Maybin Oher Maybin Oher Cushing Nicks J Smith
DEN Jenkins E Brown Maualuga Jackson Sanchez Maybin jackson D Brown Brown
WAS Cushing Ayers A Smith Maybin E Brown Ayers Maybin J Smith DHB
NO Wells Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins DHB Maybin
HOU Matthews Matthews Matthews Matthews Cushing V. Davis Ayers Cushing Ayers
SD Oher Maualuga Jackson Maualuga Wells Maualuga Wells Harvin Maualuga
NYJ DHB Freeman Freeman Freeman Freeman Maclin Freeman Britt Britton
DEN E. Brown Maybin Brown Cushing Jackson E. Brown Moreno Moreno Cushing
TB Freeman M Johnson Jerry Brown Brace Freeman Maclin Crabtree Harvin
DET Jerry Oher Cushing Wells Jerry Britton Britton Curry Jackson
PHI Moreno Moreno Moreno Moreno Moreno Moreno Britt Monroe Oher
MIN Nicks Britton Britton Britton Britton Britt Harvin Maclin Matthews
NE Maualuga Cushing Butler V Davis Maualuga Barwin Matthews Laurinaitis Pettigrew
ATL V. Davis Hood Brace Jerry V Davis Cushing Hood Ayers Laurinaitis
MIA Britt V Davis V Davis Laurinaitis Matthews Matthews E Brown Wells Al. Smith
BAL Harvin DHB DHB DHB DHB DHB V Davis Jackson Moreno
IND Britton Jerry Hood Nicks Ayers Jerry Jerry Jerry Moore
BUF Pettigrew Pettigrew Pettigrew Pettigrew Pettigrew Beatty DHB Raji Wells
NYG Beatty Nicks Nicks Britt Britt Butler Robiskie Orakpo V Davis
TEN Jackson Butler Gilbert Al. Smith Harvin Nicks Nicks Maybin Freeman
ARI Ayers Wells Wells D Brown Hood Wells D Brown V Davis Sintim
PIT Mack Unger Mack Mack Mack Mack Mack Freeman Hood