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San Francisco 49ers New Uniform Release Thread

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FOOCH'S NOTE 1:03pm: Here's a picture from the official 49ers story.


The 49ers online shop is currently selling a replica of the new jersey, but at 12:20pm pacific time the 49ers will be unveiling the official 49ers uniform for the 2009 season.  It is my understanding that it will be streamed live on and when I have a more specific link, I'll post it here.  Team COO Andy Dolich and VP of Marketing Michael Williams will be conducting a press conference at 12:30 to discuss the new uniforms.  There have been some leaks, but nothing more than part of a replica fan jersey, so there's plenty of surprise left for everybody.

Consider this the official thread for discussions of the new jersey.  I'll be opening subsequent draft threads, but continue to use this to discuss the new jerseys as much as you want.  I'll also make sure and link to this thread in the subsequent draft threads.  This definitely makes the day that much more exciting.