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Golden Nuggets: Yesssss

Good morning folks, James here with your Nuggets. I'm dead tired, the draft day party was great, cheering and booing with those guys gave me a lot of pride. Right about the time the Raiders picked Heyward-Bey there was an outburst of laughing, followed by the cheering of Crabtree's name until the tenth pick came along and we actually picked him. Throw in some more boos for the random Dallas Cowboys commercial, and you've got a fun time. I'm almost positive I saw a guy rolling on the floor laughing, but hindsight tells me he was probably choking on a nacho or something. So anyway, we've got ourself a petty damned good receiver and another first round pick next season. Day two should be interesting...

So yeah, the 49ers got Crabtree. Pretty unbelievable, I had him going... well, before us anyway. (

Maiocco talks about our second round trade and touches up on hoping the Panthers fail next season. Good stuff. (

Barrows takes a look at the new uniforms.. I like 'em! (

Not directly about the 49ers, but it talks about Crabtree and Browns head coach Eric Mangini. (

Maiocco has a eh... mock draft for the third round. Interesting. (


Here's a transcript from a press conference with McCloughan after he pick. (

Here's a video of the 49ers' pick. (

Aaand a conference call with Michael Crabtree. Seems he doesn't really know all too much about the 49ers. (

Mike Leach speaks out about Crabtree, or rather, just comments. (

Entry is getting kind of long.. make the jump to see some draft grades.

We've got some analysis and grades from Fox Sports. (

And some more from CBS Sports, and personally, (this isn't just because I'm a Niners fan and am slightly offended) this guy sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about... at all. Not even just the knocks on Crabtree, look at the Aaron Curry analysis, the Jason Smith analysis.. What a joke. (

In relation to the article above. I like this guy. (

Hey-ooo, we've got some more. This one from NBC. (

Barrows has a report card for our first day. (

Here's more, possibly the last of them. (

Hey, ESPN likes it! (

In case you were wondering, I give us an A-. Crabtree is great, fills some form of need, and another first round pick is never, ever a bad thing. The plus would only be achieved if we had done some crazy nonsense and drafted Crabtree twice or something equally as awesome. As you can tell, its pretty much a very coveted thing from me, a plus.