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49ers draft pick conference call: 1st round pick Michael Crabtree

All the 49ers draft choices took part in conference calls with local media.  Given the length of these conference calls I'm posting them individually with a big chunk coming after the jump.  This first one goes to new wide receiver Michael Crabtree.  I'll be posting these pretty much in succession.

RE: Tell us about the range of emotions you experienced as teams that could have picked you picked somebody else leading up to 10.

“My whole thing was patience. I was just trying to be patient. Whoever was going to pick me I was going to look forward to moving on and getting better and better every day.”

RE: Was there something that you found out about the 49ers while you were out here that made you want to be part of this organization?

“I like the 49ers, I grew up watching the 49ers. The 49ers and Cowboys, I grew up watching them all of the time. It’s a good place to be.”

RE: What do you know about this current team that you’ll soon be a part of?

“It’s a great history behind the 49ers and a lot of people have played there and I’ve got big shoes to fill.”

RE: Michael, how long do you think it’s going to take for you to be able to do things for the 49ers like you’ve done things for Texas Tech?

“As soon as possible, as soon as I learn that playbook, I’ll be on my way.”

RE: Can you tell us about your physical condition, are you running? What have you been able to do on the foot?

“I can run. I was just waiting on any team to pick me. I’m a 49er now so I’m ready to run.”

RE: Were you stunned that the Raiders past on you at number seven and are you bitter at that?

“No, not at all. They picked who they wanted and the 49ers picked who they wanted.”

RE: What was the meeting like with Singletary when you came out to visit?

“Singletary is a good guy. He’s very motivated and he stresses hard work all of the time. I feel that I’m a hard worker and I feel that I fit that program.”

RE: They last few weeks it seems  as if there was a lot of stuff being said about you with your speed being one of them also this reputation of being a “Diva”. Can you answer that? Are you a Diva, whatever that means?

“No, I’m nowhere near. You know how people are going to put receivers in that category. There’s a lot of different receivers out there. My personality is different from every receiver that’s played. To tell you the truth, everybody is different.”

RE: Earlier today Mike Singletary was asked to compare you to a current NFL receiver or a past [one] and he thought Michael Irvin was a good comparison. Would you agree with that?

“Yeah, I’ve got a little Michael Irvin in me the way I think.”

RE: Do you know him?

“Yeah, I know Michael [Irvin].

RE: In which ways do you think that you’re similar to him?

“He was a playmaker and that’s what I strive to be, a playmaker .

RE: When do you think you’ll be able to take part in practice on a full level? Would that be training  camp?

“Training camp, I’ll be ready to go.”

RE: How did you end up being mentored by Deion Sanders?

“A couple of camps that I went to created the relationship there.”

RE: Has he ever tried to cover you?

“No, I think he’s too old for that right now.”

RE: What have you taken or learned from your time with Deion Sanders?

“He sent me a lot of texts, a lot of positive things. The main he said was to just stay positive and work hard and you can’t go wrong.”

RE: Michael, did you have any expectations to where you might go? Were you thinking top four or top five?

“I wasn’t thinking nothing.  I heard so much stuff from one to twenty. I was just trying to see what team wanted me. I was really just kicking back just looking at the whole scenery and having fun in New York.”

RE: What do you know about the 49ers quarterbacks?

“I heard that there was a quarterback controversy, but I can’t wait to get there and see what’s going on.”

RE: One of the things that Mike Singletary said about you was that you are a willing blocker. Can you talk about your blocking? Do you take pride in that? Do you work on it?

“When [I] was at Texas Tech my coach Lincoln Riley pushed blocking on us. It was Lincoln and Coach [Mike] Leech and all the receiver coaches and the head coach. We had a blocking period and we had to go hard at it and if we didn’t, we were there all day.”

RE: Jerry Rice was not very fast and you’re not regarded as Olympic sprinter but are you fast enough to run away from DBs on the football field?

“Oh, for sure. That’s what receivers do is run fast and catch passes and don’t get caught. I feel like I’ve never been caught from behind and I’d like to keep it that way.”

RE: What do you think is the best part of your game?

“I don’t know. I hear something different every day. I’d probably say my knowledge of the game.”

RE: One of the things people do like about your game is you fight for the ball. Can you just describe what that’s like when the ball is in the air and you know you’ve got to outwork the cornerback to get it?

“When I played quarterback, I always wanted a receiver like that. I wanted a receiver where I could just throw it up and he could go get it. Or if I threw a pass, I knew he was going to cut in front of that DB and not let the interception happen and make a play. I looked at that, and I always wanted that. And, I said I wanted to play receiver as soon as I got to college, and I kept that with me and I’m never going to turn back.”

RE: Talk about your interest in fashion and clothes and that aspect of your life.

“I’ve always been interested in fashion. I feel like if I look good, I’ll play good – on and off the field. If I look good and I have no worries, then I can just talk normal. I feel like if I didn’t look good, I’d always be checking myself out going, ‘Man, dang. My shoe.’ Growing up I always those … I had about one pair of shoes and I always said, once I get a chance, I’m going to always have nice clothing and shoes on. That’s how I really got into the fashion.”

RE: Is it true that when you went to Texas they wanted you to play cornerback?


RE: Yeah.

“I told them I score touchdowns.”

RE: Where would you be sitting right now if you had decided to go to Texas and play cornerback?

“I’d probably be the best cornerback. Anything I’m playing I’m going to try to be the best at.”

RE: Did you give much thought to playing basketball for Bobby Knight there?

“Basketball was one of my first loves. I got a scholarship from Bobby Knight when I was a sophomore in high school.

RE: Do you think your basketball background helps you as a receiver?

“It helped me in a lot of aspects. Catching, boxing people out like a rebound, using my hips, using my feet. There’s a lot of playing going on in basketball, it carries over into being a receiver.”

RE: Can you describe the weight that’s maybe been lifting off of your shoulders this afternoon?

“A lot of weight is lifted off of my shoulders. I’m feeling so good right now, knowing where I’m going to be, I know where I’m going to stay and you go through this process, you get kind of weary and you’re wondering what you are going to do. I know what I’m doing now and I can’t wait.”

RE: Michael, Josh Morgan came in as a rookie last year and put up some surprising numbers at receiver. What kind of numbers can we expect from you this year?

“I’m not the one to tell you numbers. I’m the one who is going to work hard and do my job and after the season I can tally it up. Right now I really don’t know my stats unless somebody tells me.”

RE: How many people did you have with you in New York?

“I had my whole family. I had about 16 people. I had my family and coach.”

RE: What family members were there? Sisters, brothers, cousins?

“I had four brothers, one sister, dad, mom, cousins, two girl cousins, little cousins.”

RE: Michael, when you were doing your pre-draft visits, did you go to the Raiders?

“No, I didn’t go to the Raiders.”

RE: Did you have any discussions with them?

“No, none at all.”

RE: How many times did you sit down across from someone? A head coach?

“How many times did I do it?”

RE: Yes, sit down across, get an interview. Face to face with a coach.

“Every visit I had.”

RE: How many was that?

“I think it was about eight.”