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49ers draft pick conference call: 6th round pick Bear Pascoe

While Bear might have gone a bit early, he was a definitely a guy on people's radar as a potential blocking tight end.  If he makes the roster he'll be filling Billy Bajema's role.

RE: You’re from Porterville?

“Yes, sir. Yes, I am sitting down here right now at my parent’s place, I’m down at the barn just hanging out.”

RE: Down at the barn?


RE: How many acres do you guys have?

“We have about 30 acres here, 15 in oranges and 15 down the river where our horses and everything are.”

RE: What’s been your pro football team of choice through the years?

“As far as being a fan and everything…it’s kind of funny. I’ve always been a Dallas fan but now I got to switch teams. You know? I’m a niner fan now.”

RE: What’s your reaction on playing for a team that’s just a three or four hours up Highway 99?

“I am very excited. I’m stoked about where I’ve ended up. I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to play for a great team with a lot of history to it. I can’t express enough how excited I am right now guys.”

RE: Bear Tell us about being a champion roper. Where does that come from and a champion where?

“You know I grew up on a cattle ranch and stuff so, my dad when he…in his day, you know, he rodeoed quite a bit and he just naturally taught it to me and my brother and sister when we’ve done it ever since we were kids and it’s something that we like to do and everything and it kind of goes hand in hand with our lifestyle.”

RE: Did you have much interaction with the 49ers in the lead up to this draft?

“No, not much at all. I spoke with a representative scout down in Houston at the East-West Shrine Game and back in Indianapolis and other than that I didn’t hear much from them so I wasn’t quite aware that they were very interested, but now that it’s all over and stuff, I’m very happy that they are and that they were.”

RE: After playing quarterback in high school, what was the conversion to tight end like? And whose idea was it?

“It was a rough transition the first couple years, or the first year anyways. But once I got into it and really started to understand it and learn the offense it kind of rolled along. But as far as decision, it was a mutual decision between me and the coaches at Fresno State. I figured…We decided, that if that was the best move to help the team, then let’s do it. Anything that will make that team better or any team that I’m at, I’ll do whatever I can.”

RE: You said it was a rough transition at the start. What was the hard part?

“Mainly it was just kind of learning the offense. But that came along a little easier than just learning technique and kind of being able to run out smoothly and using blocking techniques I just tried to manhandle guys at first and it’d get me in trouble but as I progressed and learned the tricks of the trade everything started to just flow right along and everything got a lot better.”

RE: Would you say you’re equally proficient as a receiver and as a blocker?

“I would say I’m pretty equal. I might be a little stronger in the blocking game than in the pass game. I think, when you look at the draft, I was one of the more well-rounded tight ends that was in the draft this year as far as both running and pass game go – and protection. Us tight ends, we don’t block a lot in protection, but when we do, we need to get the job done. And so, I think of my game as just well rounded all the way.”

RE: There’s a story going around that you were growling when you came out of your mother’s womb. Do you remember doing that?

“That’s just what I tell everybody when they ask me how I got the name Bear. I tell them I came out growling, ready to fight.”

RE: How would you describe toughness as it relates to your game? Can you define it Bear Pascoe style?

“I’d describe it as showing up to work every day and working hard, working through pain and injury, whatever it may be. Come to work with your hardhat on and get the job done. That’s one of the main things that I’ve hung my hat on these last couple years. Football’s a rough sport. There’s going to be injuries, but you have to play through them, play through the pain and learn how to handle it. And that’s probably one of my best attributes, is I’ve got a very high pain tolerance. I can handle whatever happens. That’s one of the definitions, Bear Pascoe style anyway.”

RE: The 49ers lost one of their blocking tight ends to free agency. Do you see a nice opportunity there to get playing time right away as a rookie?

“I’m darn sure going to try. I’m looking forward to meeting up with the guys, Vernon Davis and everybody and starting to jell with those guys and learn from them. They’ve been there longer than I have, so, I’ve got to know my spot. But, I’m darn sure going to come in and play my best and work as hard as I can, and play as a rookie. That’d be great. That’s my plan right now and that’s what I look forward to do.”

RE: One scouting service called you the best kick-coverage player in the nation. Can you tell us what that’s all about?


RE: Yeah.

“I was never on the kickoff team, but I blocked six kicks in my career. So, that’s probably what he’s talking about.”

RE: Were those field goals?

“Yeah, all field goals and extra points. We just have got to – special teams is just one of those things we hang our hats on at Fresno State. And coach John Baxter there, he allows us players to be really involved in the scheme each week and allows us to really break down the film and look for the weaknesses ourselves and takes our input. I’ve been lucky to be in the right spot at the right time and being able to get the job done when it needs to get done.”