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49ers reportedly sign Alex Boone, OT, Ohio State and Jahi Word-Daniels, CB, Georgia Tech

Although these must be taken in the context of UDFA signings, the 49ers continue to be aggressive in adding bodies.  KFFL is reporting the 49ers have signed Alex Boone, an offensive tackle out of Ohio state, and Jahi Word-Daniels, a cornerback out of Georgia Tech.

Some folks were crowing for Boone in the 5th and 6th rounds.  He stands 6-7, weighs 328lbs and seems like a beast of a man to place on the offensive line.  I did a check of his NFL Draft Scout bio and in the negatives, it fails to mention the character issues that dropped him on many draft boards.  He's been arrested twice for alcohol-related events: one was drunk driving and the other was public drunkenness.  I suppose if somebody can tame him, Mike Singletary is that man.  More importantly, if he does mess up, he could quickly be cut.  Here's his scouting report otherwise:

Positives: Tall tackle prospect with good functional strength and long arms. … His size and strength makes it tough to bull rush him … Agile enough to combo down and then move straight ahead to the middle linebacker. … Can lock onto defensive ends and keep them out of the play...

Negatives: May need to play right tackle in the pros, as he is more of a mauler than an athlete. … Does not move his feet or hands quickly enough to handle explosive speed on the edge. … Also loses his balance when sustaining because he leans too far forward and his hands are not inside the body. … Plays too upright in pass protection. … Lacks great flexibility to adjust to oncoming blitzers.

Word-Daniels also seems like a guy with talent, only his issue is general inconsistent effort.  If he just was inconsistent due to lack of overall talent, that'd be one thing.  But a summer in Mike Singletary's training camp could be what gets him on the right path.

Positives: Good height, strong build and long arms for the position. … Opens his hips to run with quicker receivers down the sideline. … Supports the run and attacks screens on the outside, closing quickly to cut down the ballcarrier.

Negatives: His tackling has been suspect in the past, although he has the size and reach to be effective. … Could be dominant as a press cornerback but gives inconsistent effort at the line, whether jamming receivers or as the gunner on special teams. … Stays high and is slow in his pedal. … Inconsistent hands for the interception...

No confirmation yet on these signings.