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Golden Nuggets: Does Crabtree Make This A "Great" Draft?

Good morning! James here with your Nuggets for today. It occured to me that we more than likely will get a ton of new visitors tomorrow to see how the draft went and to all of you: welcome to the site, and I hope you end up registering and staying! That being said, holy links, Batman! I've got a little something for all of you, and that something is..a complete Nuggets article! Complete with me buying time and dragging on the intro to make it look even more complete! (See: the last sentence.) For real though, the draft is done with and I'm pretty excited, we had a good draft and we're being semi-agressive towards signing undrafted free agents... So here's some links, enjoy them while they last. Remember to check the comments for updates on more links throughout the day.

And so the draft is complete, and what better than to get Maiocco's take on it? (

Here's a nice pick-by-pick analysis for the draft, just click on a selection. (

ESPN provides analysis for just the NFC West. (

They also take a look at what the NFC West didn't address. (

Here's another recap, of the first day. (

And the guy from yesterday who doesn't know a thing about football's analysis. (

Meet our first round draft pick, WR Michael Crabtree. (

McCloughan is very excited for what the team did on the second day. (

What do you think? Is it a "bad" draft because we failed to address some needs? (

Toughness is the theme in San Fran right now and the future. (

I've got some grades of my own for our picks and our draft in general. Check it out. (

Here's a transcript from the Crabtree press conference. (

Cris Carter says the 49ers have found a winner in Crabtree. (

The 49ers signed some undrafted free agents, interesting picks in OT Alex Boone, RB Kory Sheets, and DE Pannel Egboh. (

And now some player videos in TE Bear Pascoe, QB Nate Davis, LB Scott McKillop and RB Kory Sheets. (

And yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

To close (for now) here's conference calls with Nate Davis and Bear Pascoe. (