Alex Boone - A steal as UFA?

I am really interested by our behemoth of a UFA signee Alex Boone from Ohio State.  He appears to be an absolute Mauler in an NFL body who wasn’t drafted due to his off the field concerns. He is a recovering alcoholic. He has admitted that at the height of his problem he was drinking 30 to 40 beers a day (Still find this hard to believe) After staying sober for a year he had a relapse where he though he could control his drinking and ended up "leaping from car to car, attempting to smash a two truck windshield while shouting obscenities.  He fled and had to be tasered twice" This is obviously not just missing a few classes and brings to mind the wild men Raider linemen of the 70’s.  My point is he was a wild man with a problem who claims to have recovered.  Coach Sing could be exactly what the guy needs. If he puts his drinking problem behind him, he could be a huge steal as he has all the physical tools and mauling style and make his way into that RT or Guard spot in the future.

Here’s a story about Boone trying to save his career


Here is a NFL Draft profile.    6'8 312 lbs    2-time All  Big Ten at Ohio State

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