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49ers reportedly sign four more undrafted free agents

We've had a lot going on the last few days with the draft and now undrafted free agent signings.  At some point I'll put together a post including all the links from both days of the draft since they're all onto the second page and beyond now.

In the meantime, it's being reported by various media (local to the specific players) that the 49ers have signed four additional undrafted free agents.  Maiocco linked to the stories on these, but has not gotten final confirmation.  These players include DE Brandon Long (Michigan St), G Matt Huners (South Florida), WR Dobson Collins (Gardner-Webb), and CB Terrail Lambert (Notre Dame).

As we get later and later in the UDFA signings the scouting reports decrease significantly.  A search of Brandon Long came up with some video tape against Ohio State and Georgia.  Also, I found a short feature article at from last September about Long.

From what I can tell, the early part of Matt Huners college career was hurt by injury as he tore his ACL in the spring of 2007, but returned for a few games late in the season.  He earned the team's Coaches Award for his recovery.  According to Huners, he spoke with Chris Foerster (49ers O-Line coach) and was assured he'd have a "fair chance to make the roster."  I'm curious if that covers practice squad as well.  Either way, that's one of the main reasons he chose the 49ers over the Chiefs in free agency.

Collins apparently received calls from nine teams and the article about his signing is under the impression that there is plenty of opportunity for Collins to earn playing time.  As I look at it, he's competing with Arnaz Battle, Dominique Zeigler, Mark Bradford and Micheal Spurlock for that sixth wide receiver spot.  I'm glad he's excited to come out, but he's gonna have to do something amazing to make the team.

As for Lambert, you'd think a Notre Dame player, any Notre Dame player, would have a fair amount of news clippings.  Not so much.  Most of the stuff I came across were some reports from when he was coming out of high school and they didn't even have scouting reports.  From what I have gathered though, Lambert was the best corner on a mediocre Notre Dame team this past year.  According to the 2008 secondary preview at our Notre Dame blog, "Lambert has good speed and a lot of experience and [wa]s likely playing [last] year to audition for a future role in the NFL."  I'm looking for more info on him though.

FOOCH'S UPDATE 9:33PM: Turns out Brandon Long failed his physical so is not joining the 49ers at this point.