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2009 NFL Draft: 49ers Saturday through Monday recap


The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity here at Niners Nation.  The draft kicked off Saturday afternoon and it's been a sprint ever since.  We've had seven draft choices and multiple undrafted free agents added to the fold.  We've had some screaming and yelling and we've had some more civilized discussions.

The common thread in all of this is that we've had a whole lot of posts for discussion.  Given that, I thought I'd put together a quick link dump of the various posts we've had the last few days.  You could go through three pages of posts and still not see everything that went down.  So, I thought we'd bounce back to Saturday and take a link-based journey through Draft weekend.

Before the draft started, the 49ers unveiled their new uniforms.  We had a nice-sized thread going discussing them.  Personally, I like them, but I think some folks may take some time to come around.

First draft thread of Saturday.  The best part of that thread is seeing the excitement as the Raiders took DHB and then Crabtree fell to the 49ers.  It's the kind of comments usually reserved for game winning touchdowns.

Michael Crabtree thread.  The excitement carried over as people wrapped their minds around adding Crabtree to the offense.

Third draft thread of the day.  Things were getting crazy busy as we had to open up a new thread while waiting for the 49ers second round pick that....

Never came. Some folks were fine with the trade, plenty of folks were not so kind.

After things got a bit heated following the trade, we closed out the evening with a bit of levity from our own Josh from Hollywood.  He had put together a live blog of the first round for our entertainment.

We also got a Scot McCloughan wrap-up of the first round.

Day 2 through now after the jump.

Back at it at 7am local time for Day 2.  I don't even get up that early for class!

The Glen Coffee pick definitely caught folks by surprise.

People were a little surprised by the Scott McKillop pick, but upon further review it made a lot more sense.

Some folks compare him to Alex Smith, but given the round and cost, I'm intrigued to see if the 49ers can develop Nate Davis into a long-term answer.

While it might have been early, you have to like a guy named Bear Pascoe.  We'll hear more about him tomorrow from Professor Bigelow.

The 49ers went for more upside guys in the likes of Curtis Taylor and Ricky Jean-Francois, two defensive players from LSU.

We loaded up on post-draft conference calls with Michael Crabtree, Glenn Coffee, Scott McKillop, Nate Davis and Bear Pascoe.

The 49ers followed up the draft pretty quickly with some undrafted free agents.  They scored Pannel Egboh (DE - Stanford), Kory Sheets (RB - Purdue), Alex Boone (OT - Ohio State) and Jahi Word-Daniels (CB - Georgia Tech).  They also landed Carlo Thomas (CB - Michigan State), and reportedly Brandon Long, Matt Huners, Dobson Collins and Terrail Lambert.

We had another Michael Crabtree meeting with the media.  However, this one was in person down in Santa Clara.

Ninjames put together a good rundown of the draft recap links earlier this morning.  Loooooot of hot air flying out there.

I put together grades on the 49ers draft, which naturally created some intriguing conversation, both supporting my thoughts and criticizing them.

I promoted a FanPost that argued the offseason as a whole should be judged a success when you combine everything together.

The folks at Uni-Watch took a look at the recently unveiled uniforms.

And finally, there is a 15% discount at the 49ers online team store that expires at 11:59 eastern time tonight (so in just under 2 hours).