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Golden Nuggets: Bring in the undrafted!

Morning, morning! James here with your Nuggets for today. I'm pretty pumped, I'm till pinching myself on the whole Michael Crabtree thing. I still cant believe he fell to ten. Either way, he's a 49er and I hope he produces like I feel he will. On to some news, as you can expect there's quite a bit. I'm "slightly" in a hurry right now so if I miss anything, I'm sorry. As always, make sure you check the comments for updates and post any you've got. Of note today is going to be a ton of recaps and a bunch of signing undrafted free agents. All that being said, enjoy the links folks.

First off, explore all the coverage we had of the draft from his site. (

The 49ers have been pretty active in signing undrafted free agents. (

Holy mother of.. Alex Boone! 6'8'', 330, jumps on cars! Great stuff. (

Since some of the news has settled, lets take a closer look at our new uniforms. (

So how's McCloughan's job security going into the season? (

Wragge earned his college degree. Cool.. (

Maiocco makes a good point, it does seem Manny Lawson's pass rushing job is pretty secure. (

The 49ers assigned numbers for their draft picks. (

49ers draft: Mission Accomplished? (

A look at some of the draft grades. (

If you don't mind, check out my article on the matter. (