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Golden Nuggets: And I'm Spent!

Good morning folks, James here checking in for your Nuggets. Its rather late right now as I'm doing this article before bed rather than when I wake up seeing as how its 2:30 in the morning and I'm not the least bit tired. I've been watchin tape on the rookies for oh.. about two hours now, there's some really good stuff. I mean, I cant find tape for a lot of them but mostly seeing Crabtree in action is enough. As far as college football goes, I know my stuff but of couse I cant say I see every game.. this guy makes it happen, he fights for everything, but you should probably already know that. Either way, hoping on a lot of links oday but no promises, folks! Enjoy what I've got for ya.

The 49ers training facility is undergoing renovations. (

Maiocco has some lingering thoughts at the end of the draft. (

I'll post this one last time, a link to all the Niners Nation coverage of the draft, nicely compiled. (

The 49ers are shooting for a return to relevance--lets all hope they make it, yeah? (

All I can seem to find these days are bloggers that really have no idea what they're talking about. Sure, he could bust, but everyone in the [site decorum] draft could bust. Oh and, pretty funny he admonishes the very thought of determining a wide receivers game situation speed by watching game footage. Priceless. (

One of our scouts talks about the draft. (

A look at how the 49ers' draft picks fit into our roster. (