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2009 SB Nation Mock Draft: 2nd round pick fast approaching

FOOCH'S NOTE 10:07AM: Given the Bears-Broncos trade, we're making changes to the mock.  Starting at #18, the Broncos take Tyson Jackson Clint Sintim, instead of Jeremy Maclin.  We'll now be going back and giving each team in after that to change if they want Maclin instead of whomever they took.  More to come...

Last week we began the 2009 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft.  The 10th pick came around and Niners Nation settled on Michael Oher.  Due to the timing of it, I had to submit the pick before the Marvel Smith went down.  Even with the Smith signing, it's certainly possible the 49ers go with an offensive lineman at the #10 pick.  Much less of a guarantee, but still a possibility.

With that fact in mind, we're coming up on our Round 2 pick in the mock draft.  The draft is going on via email, with picks posted a couple days later at Mocking the Draft.  Via email we've gotten through the first pick of the second round.  I've posted the picks after the jump, but definitely head over to MTD to check out all the analysis.

In the meantime, I wanted to start looking at potential second round picks.  Given that the 49ers might still go with an offensive lineman at #10, you can always pretend Andre Smith was the guy at #10.  Given all the moves we've seen so far, this mock is outdated pretty quickly, but it's still an interesting exercise.

So, given that we grabbed an OT in the first round, which way should we go in Round 2? 

I realize the team wants to look long term, but I think WR is a position pushed a bit to the backburner, so I'd imagine no Brian Robiskie or Kenny Britt.  If he's there, do we grab Lesean McCoy, the running back from Pittsburgh?  Not quite the big bruising back folks might like.  Maybe we go with an outside linebacker?

I'll update the spreadsheet after the jump as picks come in to my email.

# Team Player Pos. College
1 Detroit Aaron Curry LB
2 St. Louis Jason Smith OT
3 Kansas City Eugene Monroe OT
4 Seattle Matthew Stafford QB
5 Cleveland Brian Orakpo DE
6 Cincinnati Andre Smith OT
7 Oakland Michael Crabtree WR
8 Jacksonville B.J. Raji DT
9 Green Bay Everette Brown DE
10 San Francisco Michael Oher OT
11 Buffalo Aaron Maybin DE
12 Denver Malcolm Jenkins CB
13 Washington Brian Cushing LB
14 New Orleans Clay Matthews LB
15 Houston Sean Smith CB
16 San Diego Rey Maualuga LB
17 NY Jets Knowshon Moreno RB
18 Denver Clint Sintim
19 Tampa Bay Larry English DE
20 Detroit Peria Jerry DT
21 Philadelphia Donald Brown RB
22 Minnesota Percy Harvin WR
23 New England Clint Sintim LB
24 Atlanta James Laurinaitis LB
25 Miami Vontae Davis CB
26 Baltimore Hakeem Nicks WR
27 Indianapolis Mark Sanchez QB
28 Philadelphia Brandon Pettigrew TE
29 NY Giants Darrius Heyward-Bey WR
30 Tennessee Tyson Jackson DE
31 Arizona Chris Wells RB
32 Pittsburgh Alex Mack C
33 Detroit Duke Robinson OG
34 New England William Moore S
35 St. Louis
36 Cleveland
37 Seattle
38 Cincinnati
39 Jacksonville
40 Oakland
41 Green Bay
42 Buffalo
43 San Francsico