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Update on Clay Matthews/Brian Cushing steroid report

Well, this is getting really interesting. As you may have seen earlier today, was reporting that USC LBs Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing tested positive for steroids.  They had no specific sources other than "various sources, including one NFL team."

According to Pro Football Talk (and discussed further at Mocking the Draft), the website received a rather stern email from the VP/General Counsel of Athletes First, Mark Humenik. The email states the NFL's policy about not releasing info regarding drug tests (subject to fines).  It follows that by stating:

Further, neither Clay nor our office has received notification of any positive test, whether for steroids or any banned substance. I also have been informed by an attorney at the NFL League Office that they have not received notification from the Independent Administrator of any Draft-eligible players testing positive for steroids during the pre-employment drug testing conducted at this year’s Combine, and likewise, that they have not informed the member NFL clubs of any drug testing results.  Govern yourself accordingly.

As Dan said at MTD, "Legal to laymen translation: You better do something, or the next time you hear from us it won't be as civil."

Given that there has been no other confirmation of this story, it's certainly interesting.  We'll see if NFLDraftBible sticks to their guns and backs off.  If they stick to their guns, I'm curious to see how long it takes to try and get a source revealed and punished.  Either way, this story is far from over.