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Golden Nuggets: I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday...

All the news, the links, the overabundance of stories with which to link you good readers to, it all seems so distant, yet so close. As things settle down I'll have less and less links for you, and its a shame! But, alas... Morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day, checking in once again in a sorry and tired state but nonetheless still checking in! Of note today is talks about Peppers.. Man, I'd love for the 49ers to get him. I think if we got Peppers in a trade from Carolina the 49ers might just gain instant credibility what with having just selected Crabtree in the draft. Its not confirmed, not even really rumored at this point, but hey, its something to think about yeah?

Peppers might just be on the trade block. (

Some late-to-the-party draft analysis from the Chronicle. (

Crabtree does indeed have plenty to prove for the 49ers. (

A wrap up of the draft. (

I posted this article yesterday, but its a great so check it out about the 49ers shooting for relevance. (

A rather.. spooky look at Crabtree and...J.J. Stokes. (

So uh.. Anquan Boldin, anyone? (