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49ers reportedly sign OLB Marques Harris

Thanks to 49erLou for getting a FanShot up on this topic.  A couple days ago reports surfaced that the 49ers had signed Marques Harris, an outside linebacker formerly of the San Diego Chargers.  The 49ers have not officially announced it, which means he has not yet put pen to paper on a contract.  However, they have agreed to terms.

Although it's not an official deal yet, I thought we'd at least roll out a scouting report on Harris:

Harris...doesn't fit San Diego's new defensive scheme as well as he did former coordinator Wade Phillips' system. He can make plays moving forward and blitzing off the edge, but he isn't as effective stacking and shedding at the line or moving laterally to make plays. He has a good burst off the edge and can get upfield against blocking tight ends or running backs. He isn't as effective taking on offensive linemen [and h]e seems a little awkward and stiff when dropping in space [and] doesn't break well on the ball as a pass defender. Harris doesn't show much upside (especially in the current scheme), and he may find himself fighting for roster spots the rest of his career.

No word on how many dollars or years on the deal, but I'd imagine it's not much of either.  That would indicate worst case he's camp fodder, best case he provides some punch off the bench as a pass rush specialist.  I'm not holding my breath for much of a contribution, but fortunately it's as close to a no risk situation as you'll get.