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Golden Nuggets: QB with the tenth? So conflicted!

Morning, morning, James here with your Nuggets for the day. At the moment, I'm still kind of stoked for the draft day party. I mean, I wasn't able to go to any games last season so I'm eager for some live-49ers interaction, you know? That aside, and towards the news, we've got a few articles. What I'm pondering now is, the quarterback with the tenth pick. I don't know if its reading all these silly mocks, or listening to these "experts" who I know for a fact are not really any more educated than myself on the matter, but I'm feeling like a quarterback with the tenth pick isn't going to be so bad after all. I mean, I hope we go BPA, and if Sanchez is the BPA at the time (or in close running for it) I suppose I wouldn't be too distraught about the pick. Anyway, here's some links.

Is it time for the 49ers to draft a quarterback? How about with the tenth pick? (

Raji is still scheduled to visit with the 49ers in the coming weeks, despite the positve results on a drug test. (

Willie Brown gets himself a 49ers postgame show. Good thing I don't have Comcast (for more reasons than just this show.) (

A Q&A with TE Cornelius Ingram from the official website. Must have missed this guy, myself. (

So how come when you play a video with's video galleries, it makes you watch a fifteen second advertisement for uh...'s video galleries? Seems kind of... stupid. Either way, Matt Maiocco outlines the 49ers needs as the Niners are "on the clock." (

And yeah, there was no way the 49ers were going to match that price for Cutler, and I'm glad we didn't. It would've been a mistaken. (