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2009 NFL Draft: When do you draft a QB?

I have to admit that the ability to schedule posts might be my favorite upgrade to SB Nation.  My law school had a spring party and now I sit at home at 2am after a few cocktails watching Die Hard and discussing my 49ers.  How much better can life get?

Given that we're rolling into the weekend, I thought I'd open up a little discussion on the QB position.  I know we've been through the top portion of the draft, but let's look at QB as a whole.  We could be talking about anything from Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman to Rhett Bomar and Tom Brandstater.

So who is your personal preference?  Or maybe you think that the 49ers will just sit out on the QB sweepstakes.  Although I realize that he might not be the best option, Tom Brandstater is a guy I feel could end up being the draft pick.  Maybe it ends up being Nate Davis from Ball State.

If anything goes down, we'll be on it.   Whatever the case may be, let's hear what you think about the 2009 NFL Draft class of QBs.