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Golden Nuggets: OT or Pass Rusher, then!

Morning everyone, James here. I've got a very short window in which I can post this so I'll do the best I can. My internet is being very iffy right now, and I have no idea how long I'll have a connection at the moment. At the very least I'll get this up and some other kind soul can add some links. (My internet woes should be solved come the 15th.) Though, as I look over the usual sites, there's not much at all going on in Ninerland today, just a bunch of nothin'. Though I'm happy to admit that I am no longer even considering advocating a QB with the tenth pick. That is all. Here's some links for you, enjoy what I've got, though there's only a few.

Barrows hosts a Q&A. Love this stuff. (

A look at some of the visits the 49ers have lined up in the coming weeks. (

And more on that, from the chronicle. (

Could Jeff Garcia be coming back to the bay? Sure, but not in San Francisco. (