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Golden Nuggets: Goin' With the Gut

Morning all, James here with your Nuggets. Once again I missed a day, and once again it was because of my shoddy internet service. As mentioned before, I'm getting it fixed very soon, and hopefully that is the last edition of the Nuggets I'll miss. Moving on, the lapse in day doesn't provide me with much news which makes me a bit sad, but I cant create fake news (looking at you, Pro, and Real.) Though, we did have a good number of quality articles up here on the Nation the past few days. All that being said, as far as the Niners go, all I'm thinking right now is BJ Raji, and how I really don't want us to draft him. I'm not sure why, considering I like the guy a lot. Just, for some reason, my gut says "no."

Though Raji is happy that the truth is out there--apparently he didn't test positive for any illegal substance. This is good. (

We've made a couple pre-draft visits so far. To answer one point in this article: 10 is way too high for those running backs. Not a chance. (

So what do you think of how the 49ers have changed as far as building the roster goes? (

So Holt to San Fran wouldn't happen, so hows our receiving corps looking? Personally, I'm happy with it. Honestly. (

Isaac Bruce returning really helps us? I mean, I guess, I love Bruuuuuuce, but I don't think we'd be much worse off at the WR position without him. (

Drafting WR's in the first is risky business. (