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Golden Nuggets: No Raji, and I don't know why!

Morning all, James here and I'm half asleep. Good news is I'm off for the next three days. Bad news is, well, there's a shortage of news. I really do hate the offseason. Its a terrible time, in which I have to do my best to stretch this intro to the bottom of that Nuggets picture while still being... well, whatever qualities I usually posess. Its hard, to be honest. Anyway, all I'm feeling right now is a gut feeling of not wanting Raji with the tenth pick and I'm not entirely sure why. That being said, I'm open to virtually any other player that we've been discussed as possibly taking. Virtually. I still don't want a QB, even if some instincts tell me its a good idea, at least I know its not. Either way, here's the one or four links I have for ya today.

QB Josh Freeman had a visit with the 49ers. I think I like this kid. Not at pick ten, of course. But I like him. (

Barrows takes a closer look at Freeman. (

A Q&A with Zak Kesey's drea--I mean, with FB Zak Keasey. I love this guy, seriously, I hope we keep him forever. Use him wherever, just get him on the field. So intense. (

That's all for now, but I'll be back in a few hours to check up on more possibly.