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Golden Nuggets: Shaun Hill is still the best option... happy?

Whoops..! Almost ehhh.. forgot to post the Nuggets tonight. I was listening to lots of music and I drifted. Either way, I'm totally here and I'm not even sure about what articles I'm going to be finding. I'm doubting there's going to be a lot, so I'll ramble for a moment. I happen to like Freeman at QB. I don't quite think he's a great option at QB, and I didn't ever condone taking him with the first pick. With the second? That's iffy as well, but I wouldn't mind having him on the roster. I'd rather have him than Sanchez or Stafford, because personally, I don't like either of them. But ultimately, and take this to heart, my beloved Nation, I don't care if we don't draft one because Shaun Hill is the best option available right now and that doesn't worry me in the slightest. Anything else? K, here's the links I've got for now.

At some point in the draft, the 49ers will pick a running back. I wonder who they'll go for? I really home Thomas Clayton isn't out of the picture.. And if he is, I hope he shines somewhere else, the guy deserves it. (

Jed York is working hard on improving the 49ers practive facilities. Good job? (

So are the 49ers serious about drafting a quarterback? We'll see. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at QB Josh Freeman. (

A look at OT Jason Smith. (

A small school CB is visiting the 49ers, and oddly enough I know of and have seen this guy play. I really like this, and I hope we grab him pretty late if possible. Though, as I said before, Brown is my guy. (