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Golden Nuggets: Better not be like Stokes..

Morning folks, James here. I'll start off with an apology, I'm pretty busy right now and in somewhat of a hurry, I'm not certain how many links I have for you but as always post any I may miss or wait for Fooch to. Things will be back to business come tomorrow but as far as it goes for today, the linkage may be a little slim depending on what I can find in oh.. the next fifteen minutes. Either way, all that seems to be sticking in my head is that article comparing Michael Crabtree to the likes of say, J.J. Stokes. That's a scary thought, isn't it? I probably wont be able to sleep now, thanks a lot, MerucryNews! Anyway, here's what I've got..

The 49ers signed former Chargers linebacker Marques Harris. (

They also formerly announced the signing of some undrafted free agents. (

Crabtree talks about being signed by the 49ers. (

The rookies are ready for work! (

They've arrived for work, ready to go, here's a few first looks. (

Is QB coach Mike Johnson the future? (

Are the 49ers poised to make an offseason splash? I really hope so.. (