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Golden Nuggets: Receiver Overload

Morning, morning..James here, back finally with your Nuggets. I apologize for my brief... hiatus, if you will, from the site. There were things I had to tend to that are all sorted out now. So I'm back and ready to provide you with what links I have. As to how many there are, well I have no idea, it could be a good amount or it could be two, all depends on what happened while I was gone, and honestly, I have NO IDEA what happened while I was gone, it was a few brief days in which I didn't read up or think about the 49ers too much, and it actually DOES hurt to say that! All of that aside, I should at least have a few, and with that, I'll do what I always do and that is to tell you to enjoy your links!

We'll start with Barrows hosting an imaginary Q&A, wooh! (

As mentioned somewhere in the articles below, Frank Gore is completely healthy. This is good, a healthy Frank Gore means at least one productive weapon... I mean, at least for the first game. (

Q&A with RB Kory Sheets. I like this kid. I mean, he's no Thomas Clayton, but I like him. Query: Is it odd that I'm so pumped for Clayton that everytime I type his name I want to put THOMAS CLAYTON!!!? Yes? Well, that's fine then. (

Crabtree will be the best of the class of 2009--book it! Or at least, this poll says so... And apparently B.J. Raji is 1337... I swore I'd never bring my internet speak into these articles, but I JUST DID. /shame (

We're having a receiver overload! No, seriously. I wish we'd never signed Brandon Jones, honestly. Oh, and I was saying that BEFORE the draft, too, just go back and look! I really like Hill, Zeigler, Morgan, and I suppose Crabtree.. I can do without Battle and Jones, though I'd much prefer Bruce hang around and tutor these kids. (

What to do with that extra first round pick.. Not too shabby, looking at the last time we had two.. P Willy and the host of the Joe Show himself, Joe Staley. (

A look at the hill. Not the QB. (

To finish (for now) a look at the currently under-contract QBs around the league. (